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Basic Website Design (No online store)


Our standard web design package includes:

  • Design of a responsive , SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimized) website with anything between 3 to 5 pages
  • Website & email hosting for 1 year (a contract which is renewable yearly)
  • Web & email hosting support for 1 year
  • Domain registration and management
  • A free domain which is subject to an annual renewal fee of R200
  • Site maintenance and updates for up to a month after the completion of your site
  • Training and tutorials on basic site management

Lead time: Typically between 14-21 days and longer for more extensive projects


You can submit content via our Content Submission page (the link will be sent to your email address after you've placed your order). Please check your inbox (and spam folders) for an email with important information regarding your website. We'll always call you anyway to discuss your vision and talk through any of your concerns or requirements.


Web design is definitely one of our most sought after services. This speaks volumes to the fact that today, websites are one of the single most important tools for the modern business. A beautifully designed, responsive website that’s easy to navigate speaks volumes to potential clients, would-be sponsors and even your competitors. For your clients, it encourages trust, erases concerns about the authenticity of your brand and strengthens the communication between you and them.

With a website, you can fully manage the first impression your client has of your business. You can control the first piece of information they find out about you in a strong “about page” and you can make sure that the first time they ever see one of your products is in an HD image with perfect lighting and a stunning backdrop. On top of being able to put your best foot forward, there’s no limitations on the amount of information you can provide your clients with- why not lessen the workload of your customer service department with a seamless, informative FAQ’s page?

Here at The Design Goddess, we believe that we have one main objective in web design: to create solutions and eliminate problems that make running your business, making sales or retaining clients even slightly more difficult. We understand this enormous obligation and commit to making you, your clients and your employees lives easier in anyway that we can. What’s more, our staff is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction and you’ll find that our customer service is unmatched (if we do say so ourselves). But don’t take our word for it, just take a look at some of our clients websites:

DoroMongy, Lisatone, Sithembe Events, Barney Jiri

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