About us | The Design Goddess Graphic Design agency


Hello there, Gorgeous!
Welcome to The Design Goddess.
We’re a luxury, boutique graphic design agency of creative Goddesses with a passion for perfection.

But what exactly do we do? Well, we specialize in web design, brand identity and designs for social media. And did we mention customer service? Because we’re really great at that too. See, our clients aren’t just clients to us. Instead, we like to think of them as extended family, a family whose success we have an intimate stake in. We take a personal interest in getting to know their desires and the proclivities of their clients. And then, we analyze their brands and the messages behind them, learn what “fits” and what won’t, we work closely with our customers, take the time to get to know their clientele and then (and only then) we begin to find creative solutions and bring to fruition some truly kickass ideas.

So no, I suppose we wouldn’t just describe ourselves as an ordinary graphic design agency because what we are is more of a bad-ass team of creators that work side by side with our equally awesome clients to dream up unimaginable, incredible, beautiful, unique concepts and then translate them into stunning, one-of-a-kind visuals that will captivate their intended target market and fully represent them and their brands.
We’re Design Goddesses‘, what’s your superpower?

We’ve always felt that it’s especially important to let each of our clients know that to us, graphic design is more than just an ordinary “job” or a hobby. It’s our passion, our area of expertise, our raison d’etre and the thing that we do very best and because we feel so strongly about our business, we’ll never take for granted that you feel the same way about yours. We appreciate and welcome the enormous responsibility of being entrusted with something so important as the representation of your business.
If you allow us the honour, we promise to only ever create the  most irresistible visuals you’ve ever seen.